company history

company history

M + Z 2000 Leather and Textile Manufacturing Ltd. was established in 1991. We started with a cutting department of six employees, but after a year we established a sewing factory with twelve new employees in 1992. Our point of origin was that it was impossible to make a living on the cutting department, we definitely needed manufacturing capacity. From 1993 we had already had 70 employees on two sewing lines. We improved our fields of activity continually: we bought embroidering, quilting and designer machines. We manufactured mostly sportswear. We established our factory in Hajdúnánás in 1994, and then we bought a broken enterprise in Görbeháza. As a result of these developments the number of our employees was 250-260 at that time.

It was a shattering blow to sportswear-manufacturing, generally to the whole textile-manufacturing industry when the goods made in China flooded the market in about 2000-2001. Survival of a lot of sewing factories was in danger. Unfortunately, trouble found us too. Slowly we had to give up our that-time activities and start new ones. We obtained the decisive part of our orders in public procurements and manufactured form wear and uniforms. Aside from that, we worked more and more for French, German, Swiss partners on contractual base.

M + Z 2000 Ltd. sewing

In 1999 we built out our quality management system in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO MSZ EN ISO 9002:1994 pattern, and nowadays run MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Our company has operated a quality management system by NATO AQAP 120:1995 normative document since 2003. These years we run NATO AQAP 2110:2016 system.

M + Z 2000 Ltd. manufactures leather and textile products for its international and domestic partners in own financing and on contractual base at the moment. We produce large quantities of military fatigues, form- and military wear. We make warm lining (quilting) for other textile-manufacturing factories. Therewith we also run a wholesale shop for textile ware. We have a cutting workshop, two sewing factories and a quilting unit in Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúnánás and Görbeháza. We run further sewing factories in Földes, Pátroha and Szabolcsveresmart.

M + Z 2000 Ltd. quilting

One of our great successes is that we became a direct subcontractor for Audi Hungária Motor Kft. We ensure the working clothes supply for approx. 10.000 people nowadays. We contracted with two great Italian companies for long-term co-operations. One well-known Austrian company has also chosen us to provide around 7.000-8.000 ski clothing for them yearly.

We developed our manufacturing technology, purchased an embroidering-quilting machine and a feather coat filling machine with two workstations. These investments strengthen us, thus we can work more independently from our subcontractors. Paying attention to the importance of renewable energies, we built up a small solar power-station to reduce the costs of our electric energy consumption.